Candace Carlisle

Creative Director, Designer, Artist, & Front-End Developer +Tinkerer

YouEarnedIt - Brand Identity / UI / Website / & Collateral

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YouEarnedIt is the leading HR SaaS company that improves bottom-line performance metrics by enhancing the employee experience.

The core aspiration held behind cultivaiting this unique brand was entirely centered around engagement. From fulfilling the responsibilities of making an engaging product experience to having a brand that echos the core nature of being a part of a fun, friendly & diverse office culture. An ecosystem organically evolving while focused on a common goal. Unlike some Creative Directors, I am 100% hands on; I prefer to lead by example. Engaged in all elements of design and touch points to produce product and marketing essentials, traditional advertising and a completely approachable web design, and user experience through interactive/interaction and to the integration of emerging technologies… especially with the features introduced to evolve the multifaceted product. A product designed to facilitate engagement albeit workplace happiness.

Core goal was to create a culture that changes lifestyles, AND sharing recognition and experiences that last all within an award winning product.