Candace Carlisle

Creative Director, Designer, Artist, & Front-End Developer +Tinkerer

Sofia Automated Reporting


Sofia began sending quarterly reports to all clients in 2021, giving them specific insights into the questions their employees are asking.

While working directly with our Computational Linguist who was starting to pull in several of these data points in matplotlib via Linux. Once I saw the potential to create a reporting dashboard I designed and built the front-end, and worked with an engineer to build in (AWS Cloud services) a reporting tool that could dynamically aggregate data into the HTML. Which would then auto-generate a PDF for email automation. These reports are configurable by the client, and modularly layout applicable content by the client. All fully automated. Now, with the upcoming additions to various aspects of Sofia’s functionality, this report will also start to include wellness program engagement, 3rd party app integration tacking for activation paths like EAP, Smoking Cessation, vaccine tracking, to name a few. The goal for this is to ultimately become a tiered stand-alone reporting dashboard.


User Interface and User Experience Design for desktop product, browser based product, mobile and web.