Candace Carlisle

Creative Director, Designer, Artist, & Front-End Developer +Tinkerer

MyChoice Mobile


The Power for employees to access their benefits when and where they need them.

During the initial considerations around scaling the MyChoice Mobile app, especially with the impending introduction of several 3rd party integrations to support things like Provider + Network Search and company preferred activation path integrations. There was literally nowhere to introduce this into the app and the existing navigation structure could not support it.

The initial concept was to create a landing page, the team was very dispersed on what this would mean conceptually. After discovery and research, I proposed we create a user-specific dashboard as the user's primary source for dynamic action items, pending verifications, AE reminders, and some configurable company aspects, like employer announcements and utilization of the tiered carousel for company-specific content pertaining to wellness incentives. The primary focus of this design was to create a user-specific content area, and curate that user-specific content, to make it easy enough to engage with but also interesting enough to pull the user back in, often...

Adding onto that, the second area of focus was on solving for the inclusion of an omnipresent treatment around our personal assistant Sofia. Building to this new character revamp, I proposed Sofia act as a friendly guide through the user's experience whether the company actively has Sofia turned on or not. Building more awareness around her as well as making her a friendly accessible presence throughout the mobile experience. Enabling them to active her chat slider to engage with at any time throughout the entire experience.

Lastly, the dynamic menu that was in the app changed for each user and company depending upon the setup. BSC needed to define a fluid approach that allows the primary navigation to not only be prominent but to scale for each use case as well as data translations. Flexibility is key!


Research and proposals for best practices around features, usability, compliance, and phased approach scoping around third-party integrations and SASS activation paths. Rapid prototyping solutions and user journey mapping backed by usability testing. User Interface and User Experience Design for mobile application design, providing design specifications and documentation along with assets for development hand off.